Deluxe living space with 8 apartments, Boulevard Oslobodjenja, Belgrade

Residents settled this building in 2008, and apart from being an interesting architectural solution, it represents the first “Serbian house that feels” thanks to the wall, floor and ceiling panels.

The complete building has the floor Euroval tubes, wall Hitherm panels under the mortar and ceiling Hitherm cooling panels under the mortar.

The complete system of low temperature heating and cooling is integrated in the surfaces of the building in the way it is not visible, and that makes the interior works easier.

The finished building has a pleasant temperature in every part of the room, healthy space that saves energy.

This building is heated and cooled by the heating pump air/water, and during the coldest winter days, it uses the natural gas installation.

The complete following and adjustment of the heating and cooling is done through the intelligent “Universum system”, which classifies this building in “smart buildings”, apart from being a “house that feels”.

Ceiling Hitherm panels

Wall and ceiling Hitherm panels

Euroval tubes

Putting estrich over the Euroval tubes

Substation in one of the apartments

Thermovision picture of wall panels when heating and cooling

Interiors of the apartment

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