Complete reconstruction of the apartment, center, Belgrade

According to the investor’s will, during the complete reconstruction of the apartment, the surface heating and cooling with control system has been installed.

The floor heating consists of Euroval tubes, while in the wall, under the plaster construction, are installed Hitherm compact panels which are used as for the heating so for the cooling. On the ceilings, Klima Modul ceiling panels have been installed, and they are used for room cooling.

This heating system gives an ideal climate in every part of the room and healthy space; it saves energy and is compatible with all interiors. During the reconstruction of this apartment, apart from the architect’s demands for the interior, he asked us to choose heating and cooling objects whose weight would not overbear the statics of an already old building.

It is important to mention that this building is heated and cooled by the heating pump air/water.

Photos of the building under construction

Floor heating with Euroval tubes

Putting estrich on the Euroval tubes


Hitherm compact wall panels

Hitherm compact panels and Klima Modul – ceiling panels

Plaster works over Klima Modul ceiling panels

Photos when finished

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