Deluxe living space with 10 apartments, Dedinje, Belgrade

For rational heating and cooling, and ideal air-conditioning, we have chosen the surface heating. This heating and cooling system supplies an pleasant temperature in every part of the room. Because of that, it is ideal for those who aspire to a healthy heating and cooling system.

In order to enable the ideal air-conditioning, healthy space, energy gain, and interior compatibility, the investor has decided to use combination of Harreither products. The floor heating represents a combination of Euroval tubes and Klima Modul floor panels. In the walls, under the mortar, there are installed Hitherm panels that are used as for the heating so for the cooling, while the Klima Modul ceiling panels are installed for the ceiling cooling.

This object is interesting because of the large glass surfaces, and that’s why we have an ideal combination with high efficient Harreither panels.

The heating source for this low temperature heating is the heating pump air/water, while during the coldest winter days it uses natural gas installation.

Klima Modul floor panels

Euroval tubes for floor heating

Hitherm wall heating/cooling panels

Klima Modul – ceiling cooling panels


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