Solar Star collector

Other advantages

  • Importantly developed solar panel
  • High annual degree of exploitation
  • Secure installation
  • Proved high efficiency model
  • Available as a system solution with reservoir and control

Solar collectors that use pure solar energy have an excellent quality. They can be installed on the roof or in the roof. They are completely compatible with other Herreither’s products.

It is used for sanitary water heating, but also as assistance in heating systems, especially during periods of transition. Thanks to its great efficiency, they are also used for supplying pools and wellness centers.

The solar energy obtained through the collectors is stored in the Combi Star battery, from where it is used for hot sanitary water preparation, for living space heating during the period of transition, or as assistance to Harreither’s surface heating system.

It can be saved

The optimal add-in for Solar Star is Combi Star or Multi Star. Solar energy is not only saved here, but also transformed to the consumable hot sanitary water. Every house, every building, every user has their own needs! Trust the best educated and experienced Harreither partners.

Mono Star heating boiler

Other advantages

  • Reduced space requirements – compact installation
  • High quality steel box
  • 100 mm coating insulation
  • possible extension with Universum home management

Mono Star is a reliable and economical heating boiler for work at low temperatures.

Already in its standard version, Mono Star is equipped with Universum regulator. In combination with Universum Home regulation it makes an optimal solution.

Multi Star O-HY – Energy block

Combined with Universum, it represents an optimal solution for regulation, but it is also possible to integrate alternative energy sources into the system with Multi Star.

With traditional heating installation, you lose more than 40% of the heat because of large external surfaces.

With traditional heating installations, it is necessary to invest a lot in the installation.

It represents the unique Herreither’s solution for the future. The application of the condensational combustion technique ensures maximal use of energy and there are four functions included:

This product is environmentally very acceptable and it has a long lifespan thanks to the decreased frequency of ignition.

The real advantage of this product is the huge energy saving:

Combi Star – heating battery

Other advantages:

  • Three in one: heating buffer, preparation of hot sanitary water, solar energy buffer
  • Large volume permits to save energy of heating source
  • Large amounts of water (20/30 liters per minute)
  • Can be combined with all heat sources (heating pump, solar energy, gas, oil, biofuel)
  • Possible volume increase by buffers

Combi Star ® – heating battery which saves left over energy from alternative resources (solar, heating pumps…). Thanks to extremely thick insulation with which it is coated, COMBI STAR enables the heat to be saved as long as possible.

Sanitary water heating

The autonomous system for stratified accumulator discharge accomplishes quick and hygienic water heating. Thermovision picture of Herreithers heat battery demonstrates that the water is being stored where the temperature conditions are similar, i.e. the heat is stored where it is needed, and mixing of hot and cold water in the battery is avoided.

Heat pump Klima Star Air

Other advantages:

  • High efficiency – especially when combined with Herreithers panel heating and cooling
  • Reliable device – compact product
  • High efficiency for preparing sanitary hot water
  • The simplest control technique by Univesum home regulation
  • Integrated cooling function
  • Automatic defrosting when necessary

KLIMA STAR® AIR is a heating pump air/water, a very reliable Harreithers solution which optimally combines the silent mode and high efficiency. It is characterized by its long lifetime and its machinery that saves energy. It can be used even on -17ºC outside temperature.

Integrated cooling function

Cooling is becoming a very important topic because of the climate changes. Klima Star ® Air has a serial integrated cooling function.

Heat pump Klima Star

Opis tehničkih mogućnosti

What separates Klima Start from others is:

  • High efficiency level
  • Integration of the new generation of Harreither Universum regulation (link) into the heat pump
  • Attested compact cooling generator
  • Safe cooling Freon R 417 A
  • Possible water heating up to 63°C
  • Integrated hydraulic package
  • Active cooling (reversible process)
  • Trial operation in the factory
  • EPHA seal of quality (European Label for Heat Pumps)

Heat pumps are devices which work on the thermodynamic principle of raising heat, i.e. they bring energy from lower temperatures to higher one with the additional energy (work) and with the help of a circular process of the working fluid. To be operational, heat pumps require a heat source and a heat sink:

KLIMA STAR ® – heat pump is Harreither’s product of the newest generation of heat pumps. It works almost silently and requires minimal maintenance.

Three sources for economic heating

Klima Star heating pump uses three heating sources for heating and cooling:

The heat sink is the water in the heating system, sanitary hot water… (the most common name for these pumps is Heating pump ground/water, water/water)