Future solutions based on experience over the years

With more than 25 years of experience in research, development and education, Harreither has become one of the leading companies in the world in the area of surface heating and cooling.

To achieve perfection, experience and trust, it is needed to have a strong vision and follow your goals persistently.

Since the beginning, Harreither has offered innovative solutions oriented towards environmentally acceptable systems.

What is good for an individual must not be a burden for their environment.
Paying attention to all details, we offer remarkably good mechanisms as good home appliances.

Apart from satisfying our clients, we tend to give a dose of our own amazement to each of our systems and mechanisms.

We do not only try to satisfy our clients, but also tend to bring a dose of our own amazement to our work. However, if our clients are not amazed, we are not satisfied.


For comfort and complete interior decorating freedom

How to put together freedom and responsibility, efficiency and esthetics, the greatest comfort with minimalistic design? Almost impossible requirements have always been our motivations for outstanding inventions – the answer to these very challenges are many Harreither’s patents and products. Many people consider the easiest solutions the best. We agree and want to add:

The best solutions for house mechanisms are invisible

Things important to architects and interior designers:

In cooperation with Harreither, make “surfaces of pleasant feeling” out of floors, walls and ceilings, which can even be cooled if necessary. Set your creativity free, make “air-conditioning instruments” out of your parapets, hallways, staircases, galleries – each with a separate temperature regulation. Create top design – all according to your clients’ needs and fantasies.

Arrange life space – flexibly

Possibilities for space arrangements are countless. Without radiators, the esthetics is also incomparable.

Here are several examples of Hitherm wall heating use:

Well-know is also the use in wellness centers (sauna, sanitary rooms, rooms for rest, and all the way to heating deckchairs for relaxation).

All aforementioned applications function perfectly. They offer comfort and relaxation, i.e. what is the most important to a modern person.

Health aspects

Harreither’s systems do not provide wonderful comfort only. The radiation heat is not only pleasant, it is also healthy. Long-wave heat radiation penetrates human body and heats it “from inside”. Meanwhile, the environment and air remain relatively cool.

Compared to the conventional heating (radiators), surface heating has additional advantages:

Harreither meets your highest comfort and health demands at the same time.

House mechanisms for the house for the future

The general concept prepared in such high quality can be found only at Harreither:

It is possible to lower the temperature to 30C with the perfect combination of underfloor and wall heating systems for the same feeling of comfort. Only this saves 20% of energy annually.

Energy saving

All parts of a system distributing heat and water in a house are tightly connected to the construction of the house. Pipes and systems must reliably function throughout “the lifespan of a house”. Boilers for heating can easily be changed, but it would be far more difficult and expensive to do that with the piping. To choose the best quality pipes and panels is the most favorable decision.

Surface heating belongs to the low-temperature hot water heating, so geothermal heat pumps and solar collectors can be used as energy sources.

With the perfect combination of underfloor and wall heating systems, it is possible to lower the room temperature to 30C for the same feeling of comfort. Only this saves 20% of energy annually.

In comparison to the traditional radiator heating, you can save from 30 to 40% with the surface heating if you keep the traditional sources: oil, gas and electricity. If you install the geothermal heat pumps and solar collectors with surface heating, you can even save up to 80%.


Next to heating, Harreither’s systems provide you with the fantastic possibility of gentle and quiet cooling of spaces without uncomfortable side-effects, such as air-streaming or noise. The ideal surfaces for cooling are walls and ceilings. These systems make rooms comfortable, and therefore the air-conditioning top class.

The unique feeling of “natural cooling” can be experienced at home every summer day. With the combination with a heat pump, it is almost free and environmentally acceptable.

Architects gladly design objects with big glass surfaces to achieve the effect of “assimilation with nature” on one hand, and to enable solar energy to penetrate through glass, and greatly heat up the space on the other, which creates an unpleasant feeling, especially in the evening hours. Harreither systems make these very spaces pleasant with the help of cooling panels, and that way provide the top-class air-conditioning of rooms.

Surface heating

1. New era demands new solutions

Surface heating is a low-temperature heating which emits the energy necessary for heating space through bigger surfaces. Ideal surfaces for heating are floors and walls.

More than half a year we live in rooms we need to heat. With the upcoming climate changes, cooling becomes an increasingly popular topic, which means that it is necessary to air-condition the space we live in throughout the whole year. Surface heating and cooling is the ideal solution for achieving the ideal air-conditioning conditions in a room during the whole year.

2. The comfort of the radiating heat

It has been proven for the radiating heat to be comfortable and healthy. Long-wave heat radiation penetrates human body and heats it “from inside”. Meanwhile, the environment and air remain relatively cool, and those are the best conditions for creating a good atmosphere.

3. Big heating and cooling surfaces for the safe future

Only the heat radiation from big surfaces can heat with the minimal water temperature. With good planning and appropriate conditions, it is possible to heat up a space with minimal water temperature in the system, already at 25-30◦C. That is exactly the temperature range within the most efficient and cleanest sources of heat work.

Thermal comfort depends on the air-conditioning in a room. That is a subjective feeling which depends on surrounding temperatures. Given the warm surrounding areas, the real air temperature can be lower.

Compared to the conventional heating (radiators), surface heating has additional advantages:

Formation of temperature with the combination of underfloor and wall heating

Formation of temperature with radiator heating